Find lost pets -FAST- with
Doggie Tagger
A lifetime of protection...for all of your pets

Doggie Tagger uses NFC technology to quickly locate your lost pets.

Here's how it works...
Use the Doggie Tagger app to register your contact information with the Doggie Tagger server. Next, use the app to format an NFC tag as a Doggie Tagger dog tag. Finally, attach the dog tag to your pet's collar.

The person who finds your lost pet simply uses their NFC capable smartphone to tap the dog tag, which displays your pet's personalized web page. Your pet's finder can call or send a text message right from the web page.

Dog tags communicate directly with the Internet. Pet finders do not need the Doggie Tagger app to access your contact information.

There's more...
The Doggie Tagger server sends you an email with a Google Maps link showing the exact location of your pet whenever the dog tag is tapped.

You can format an unlimited number of dog tags with the Doggie Tagger app.

Doggie Tagger gives you a lifetime of protection...for all of your pets 24 hours a day.

Still not convinced?
Try the Doggie Tagger app now-it's free! Experience all of the value with no risk or obligation. Dog tags will work for the lifetime of your phone number.

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